Types of Prescription Eyeglasses

When you get to visit your eye doctor for the first time, you under go an eye exam which will determine your eye condition. The eye doctor will then give you your prescription. Your prescription is written and signed by your eye doctor and it determines the correction needed for you to see normal again. It is the value of parameters for your correctional lenses. Your prescription includes your name as the patient, your current address, the date you were born and as well as the expiry date. The expiry date usually goes in for a year. As soon as the prescription expires, you will need to go back to your eye doctor for another eye check up and see if it has been changed. Mostly, your prescription upgrades or you might needed a weaker prescription. Continue Reading

Discounted eyeglasses segment has become richer

CheapGlasses123.com is a leading online eyeglass seller and today it has added few more varieties in its discount eyeglasses segment. Discount eyeglasses create two types of situations. Firstly, it attracts low income group people and students. secondly, it keeps certain specific elite groups of society aloof because the term ‘discount’ simulates cheap quality and ugly shape irrespective of the fact whether those wise people have ever checked discounted items or not. Continue Reading

Are your glasses complimenting your face?

If you have consulted the eye doctor and got prescription for the lenses you might now be looking for best eyeglasses frames. Nowadays, selecting eyeglasses frames have infinite possibilities. However, people should consider some aspects before investing on any kind of eyewear because certain frames appear stylish on the rack but does not suits individual’s personality. Here you can find some tips to get the best eyeglasses frames for yourself. Continue Reading

3411 Rimless Hingeless Flexible (Memory) Plastic Eyeglasses

Lens Width xx, Height xx, Bridge 19mm
FrameWidth xxx,Temple Arm Length 138mm
Frame Weight with 1.57 index lens 10 grams
Frame Color Choices: Black, Dark Blue, Light Purple, Light Brown, Amber, or Clear.
A rimless, memory plastic, ultra light, flexible & hingeless frame. In clear, this is a nearly invisible pair of glasses.

This frame is illustrated with lens #357 and if you order a different lens number, the shape will be different.

For a graphic illustration of the shapes of the lens for the rimless styles, press the blue “help circle” at the end of the data entry entitled “Lens Size and Shape Choice” on the order form.

The lens in the left two columns are only those suited for multi-focals, while single vision prescriptions may be made in any of the lens shapes. The number on the top line is the lens number, and the numbers on the lower line of each lens represent lens width x lens height.

This frame is suitable for a multi-focal prescription.

3411 Rimless Hingeless Flexible (Memory) Plastic Eyeglasses